All Test and controls which are held at our laboratory are applicate by EN473 level -2 certificated in-house and outsourced experts by international regulations.

Some of the In-house applications and used equipment’s;

Chemical Analysis Laboratory

  • Spectro-Lab M9 optic emission spectrometer  (with 29 elements)
  • ARL optic emission spectrometer  (with 15 elements)
  • Thermal Analyser
  • Quick-Lab Carbon/Silicon determination

Mechanical Test Laboratory 

  • Tensile Test (Alşa 40T hydraulic Tensile Test Devise)
  • Charpy Impact Test (Alşa 300 Joule -20°C)
  • Portable Hardness Test (Ernst Brinell Hardness Test Equipment)

NDT’s (Non-destructive testing) 

  • Kraulkramer GE USM35X DAC Ultrasonic Detector
  • Kraultkramer GE Phasor XS Phased Array Ultrasonic Detector
  • Magnetic particle inspection (Tiede Yorke method)
  • Penetrant Test
  • Visual inspection (with Kraft Endoscope/Camera)

Metallographic Test Laboratory 

  • Olympus GX51 Reverse metal microscope (with 5X-100X enlargement)
  • Bestcope portable metal microscope (with 10x-50x enlargement)
  • Impro Propol-VTD Double Disc micro-structure test preparation unit
  • Metkon Mobiprep portable  micro-structure test preparation unit

Coating/Painting Tests 

  • Bresle method test
  • Cross-cut (Adhesion) test
  • Coating Thickness Test (Karl Deutsch leptoskop)

Sand Quality Laboratory

  • Sieve analysis
  • Loss on ignition test
  • Press / bending strength test
  • Ph measurement