The Dirinler group is a family owned corporate, working in the industrial and commercial area. The founder A. Cemal DIRIN opened its first repair shop for printing presses in 1952, and made the  first step towards creation of Dirinler. The initial production of eccentric presses in 1967 led A. Cemal Dirin to open his factory in 1970 in  Izmir Çamdibi on an area of ​​750 m2 and extended press type portfolio. In 1974 he founded Dirinler Döküm to increase the production speed and quality of press machines 

the highest level. So started 'Dirinler Döküm' being an ascending foundry in the casting sector.In 1990 he moved the location of the foundry and engineering works to the A.O.S.B and expanded its  area with the acquisition of 60,000 m2 area. With further investment in mechanical and hydraulic presses, CNC machines, drills and piston  compressors in the 4 factories and the production of up to 15 tons of castings in gray & ductile iron,   Cemal Dirin expanded his success. Even after Cemal Dirin's  death in 2001, the Dirinler group continue to operate with the same  innovative approach and creating synergy of a large family.Since 2005, the Dirinler group has production actively geared towards export. Dirinler foundry is constantly improving its production capacity.

With the technology developments in the field of wind energy and successful production in this area,  at least 75% of production was exported to European countries annually since of 2010. The Dirinler  foundry is the main supplier of the world's leading customers. As a result of the continuous development of the Dirinler foundry, annual capacity increased to  16,200 tons of cast iron and is one of the leading foundries in Turkey medium range and large cast  iron production.

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